The Dodecanese is a sailor's paradise of more than 163 islands and islets, all of them connected by brisk winds and line-of-sight navigation. You'll find each island a world of uncounted beaches, bays and coves. Seclusion isn't hard to find - only 26 islands are inhabited. Starting from Kos you can visit Kalimnos, Leros, Patmos, Samos and Lipsoi to the North or Nisiros, Tilos, Simi, Halki and Rhodes to the South. The area has an atmosphere that is a blend of the cultures of it's Greek inhabitants and it's conquerors of the past, Turkish and Italians. Each of these history-rich islands seem to greet you with classical ruins, a crusader's castle and a waterfront of charming tavernas offering fresh seafood. The area combines both the cosmopolitan near major tourist resorts but is also home of spectacular sights like the volcano and its thermal springs on Nisiros and the monastery of the Apocalypse on Patmos.

Our bases are the islands of Kos and Rhodes. Kos in the center of the Dodecanese and can be reached easily both by air and sea. The Marina is very well organized and the near by town offers many entertainment and sightseeing choices. Rhodes is to the South of the Dodecanese. Diagoras International Airport receives many flights from all over the world throught the whole season and the marina is just 20' away. The island itself offers many attractions and it is just a short sail away from other interesting islands like Symi, Nisiros, Halki, Tilos and of course the Turkish coast.

Sailing conditions: From May to October the prevailing wind is from the N-NW and blows at force 3-6 depending on the strength of the meltemi, but not as strong. The islands are near each other and line of sight navigation can be used most of the time. Many anchorages are available and you can either sail easily on the lee of the islands or challenge yourself off the West coast.

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