Welcome to Yachting Aeolos////////////////


Yachting ?eolos ?zortzis was created in 2005 due to the pure passion for sailing and travelling adventures of a single family, who had a dream... to make a significant difference in luxurious sailing vacations! 

Having in our possession yachts of a wide variety, with unique characteristics and a large number of partners around Greece,  we are able to accomodate with professionalism and respect your needs, in order to maximise the quality of your holidays. We have a long experience in tourist services, technical matters, as well as a vast knowledge and understanding of the sea.  Allow us to guide you, via the incredible art of sailing and along with the magical collaboration of Aeolos, god of winds and Poseidon, god of seas, into a world filled with the blue of the Greek seas and the picturesque islands of our country.

Award yourselves, your friends and your colleagues with memorable moments by Yachting Aeolos Tzortzis!







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